New Jersey Safe Act to Become Law on October 1, 2013 by Lawrence Z. Kotler (September 27, 2013)
On October 1, 2013, the New Jersey Security and Financial Empowerment Act (the "SAFE Act" or the "Act") will take effect. Passed by the New Jersey legislature in July of 2013 and signed into law by Governor Christie, the SAFE Act will provide unpaid leave time for certain employees, who are themselves or whose defined family members are, victims of domestic violence and/or sexually violent offenses. Download the article.

FMLA Rule Changes for Military Family Leave by Lawrence Z. Kotler (March 7, 2013)
"On March 8, 2013, new regulations adopted by the United States Department of Labor will take effect regarding the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (the "FMLA").  The revised regulations are intended to implement statutory changes made by Congress to the FMLA regarding military family leave issues. In general, the new regulations address two types of military family leave, known as the Qualifying Exigency Leave and Military Caregiver Leave. Also covered are regulations dealing with airline flight crew members. This update addresses military family leave issues." Download the article.

Hindsight Not an Option in Sexual Abuse Cases by Lawrence Z. Kotler (November 11, 2011).
"With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more." With these words, Joe Paterno's record breaking career at Penn State University came to an end Wednesday, when he was fired by the university's Board of Trustees. The board did what they had to do because Paterno didn't do what he should have done. Download the article.

Child Sexual Abuse: A Plaintiff's Perspective by Lawrence Z. Kotler and Scott Heiart.
New Jersey Lawyer InRe Magazine, Personal Injury Issue (August 27, 2007).
Incidents of child sexual abuse involving clergy, educators, coaches and other adult offenders are prevalent and frequently reported in the media. Download the article.

Environmental Cleanup in Real Property Valuation by James M. Turteltaub.
New Jersey Law Journal, Environmental Law (August 27, 2007).
Environmental contamination can have asignificant impact on the just compensation received by a property owner in a condemnation case. Download the article.


A Real Property Tax Primer by James M. Turteltaub In late January, early February, property owners around the State will be receiving notices of their 2004 real property tax assessment. This article is a primer on understanding the notice of assessment, determining the value at which property is being assessed, determining the fair market value that must be proved in order to achieve a reduction in the assessment, and how to file an appeal if one may be warranted. Download the article here.