Morristown Area Eminent Domain Lawyers

While various government authorities have the power to take private land for public use, they also have an obligation to pay just compensation. If you have received a notice of condemnation — sometimes called a taking or acquisition, or that your property is in a study area or an area in need of redevelopment, or that your business will be relocated as a result of these actions — you can turn to Carlin & Ward, P.C., for informed counsel and defense of your rights.

Formidable Property Rights Attorneys Serving New Jersey and New York

Clients with millions of dollars at stake in New Jersey and New York condemnation cases have turned to our eminent domain attorneys and seen their trust in us well rewarded. Managing partner William J. Ward, and attorneys James M. Turteltaub, and Scott A. Heiart have decades of combined experience in this complex area. We are also committed to continually educating consumers and the legal community through our New Jersey Eminent Domain Blog and a basic FAQ on this topic.

A Record of Six-Figure and Seven-Figure Victories for Our Clients

Many of our law firm's most prominent suits and deals have come about through negotiations, mediation, litigation, and appeals on behalf of property owners impacted by eminent domain. Spanning the full spectrum of land valuation concerns and disputes, our practice covers:

  • Representing property owners ranging from families whose residences are being taken to owners of factories, processing plants, retail stores, and other commercial properties
  • Establishing fair market values through research and testimony from qualified, credible experts in business valuation, real estate market trends, the impact of zoning, blighted land designations, environmental remediation, and more
  • Fighting for fair valuation in cases of land takings for highway projects, schools, and other forms of development or redevelopment
  • Challenging offers and appealing condemnation commission awards at all levels of the system, in opposition to offers by city housing and development authorities, New Jersey state agencies, and other entities with eminent domain powers
  • Handling riparian claims, relocation assistance claims, and access modification issues

Turn to an Accomplished, Responsive, Cost-effective Legal Team

Outcomes in our clients' favor in recent years have included an $18.6 million award against an original offer of $1.25 million and resulted in a $22.4 million settlement for a family that owned Jersey City waterfront property.

If you want to contest a government entity's offer in a condemnation matter and make certain your constitutional property rights are protected to the fullest possible extent, we encourage you to contact us at Carlin & Ward, P.C., for an initial consultation.