Appellate Court Limits Scope of Redevelopment Takings by Michael J. Ash, Esq., CRE..

On January 7, 2019, the appellate division reversed a taking for redevelopment purposes and limited the scope of what constitutes a valid public purpose in a redevelopment context. Download the article.

Environmental Cleanup in Real Property Valuation by James M. Turteltaub.

New Jersey Law Journal, Environmental Law (August 27, 2007).
Environmental contamination can have asignificant impact on the just compensation received by a property owner in a condemnation case. Download the article.


A Real Property Tax Primer by James M. Turteltaub In late January, early February, property owners around the State will be receiving notices of their 2004 real property tax assessment. This article is a primer on understanding the notice of assessment, determining the value at which property is being assessed, determining the fair market value that must be proved in order to achieve a reduction in the assessment, and how to file an appeal if one may be warranted. Download the article here.