New Jersey property might face eminent domain

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Hoboken is one of many cities in New England that is full of history, and the private property owners of historical buildings are now facing the common issue of eminent domain. Despite the powers of the New Jersey governments, property owners can still assert their rights to settle a matter.

The proposed deal

Hoboken is facing the legal seizure of private property and the reuse of land that used to hold a printing company. There is now a growing battle between a family that lived in Hoboken for many decades and a city and mayor who are focused on changing its future. The property owner has shown no indication of wanting to give up the property and making an eminent domain agreement.

As a result, the city’s officials state that they can obtain a forced acquisition if necessary. The new ambitious plans for the seized land include a new police station, fire station, library branch and community center.

Eminent domain issues

State and federal governments often make use of eminent domain laws to acquire old, unused property. They can do anything with the property if they follow the correct legal procedure of eminent domain. However, opponents say that this procedure destroys the city’s historical and cultural value. They allege that the government makes low offers to the property owners and reduces the significance of the land and property.

Understanding the process

Under current laws, the government has the right to take your private home or business if you’re fairly compensated. The property must be bought and converted into public use. However, not every property deal and acquisition is fair, and every owner has a right to challenge it in court.