Morristown Area Civil Litigation Attorneys

Protecting Your Property Rights, Financial Interests, and Business Success

Any legal matter involving commercial or residential property in New Jersey or New York can be pivotal for your financial security and future. The same is true if you are making key decisions, setting policies, or facing a dispute in your business dealings. In these situations, the relevant knowledge, skill level, and dedication of your legal counsel can make all the difference.

A Seasoned Legal Team with Outstanding Credentials, Reputation, and Reach

The firm was founded in 2002 by William J. Ward and John J. Carlin, Jr., lawyers whose legal accomplishments span the full spectrum of client advocacy, negotiation, litigation, and public service. Carlin & Ward, P.C., is an important resource for property owners and business leaders. Our team of Morristown area civil litigation attorneys brings together decades of collective experience in our chosen practice areas.

Our Adaptive Law Firm Emphasizes Responsiveness and Solutions

We know how important it is to have access to your attorney when questions or concerns arise. We have invested in extensive leading-edge technology for communications and information management. We are available even under adverse conditions.

The true measure of our firm is what we accomplish for our clients, regardless of the complexity of the dispute or other challenge. Please explore our site further for summaries of our suits and deals, negotiated settlements, and important legal decisions, which have resulted in multimillion-dollar awards for our clients.

Serving Clients from Wayne and Hackensack to Jersey City and Newark: Eminent Domain Attorneys and Proven Business Litigators

Based in Florham Park with a location in Manhattan, we operate a cost-effective, flexible law firm with a strong reputation in New Jersey and New York legal circles. Our strengths spancondemnation/eminent domainand other complex matters of real estate valuation and property law, business transactions and litigation, and employment law.